By state law, all students between grades 3-12 are required to complete the FitnessGram assessment each year. The fitnessgram consists of tests measuring body mass index, flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance.
At CTMS, we test our students in a variety of ways based upon grade level (please see below). All students are put through the following tests:
1. Height/Weight - used to measure Body Mass Index (BMI) or ideal body proportion.
2. Sit and Reach - measures flexibility in the lower body (hamstrings and lower back)
3. Trunk Lift - measures flexibility in the core body (back and abdominals)
4. Push-Ups - measures upper body strength
5. Curl-Ups - measure core body strength
6. Pacer - measures cardiovascular endurance through use of a series of sprints increasing in difficulty.
All 6th grade students are assessed on the FitnessGram twice during the school year. The first test is administered during the first two weeks of the school year to get a base reading. The students are tested again at the end of the school year to get a comparison reading of progress throughout the school year. We work on FitnessGram assessment points every day during our daily warm-up routines.
Any 7th and 8th graders enrolled in a P.E. course are tested based on the same guidelines as the 6th grade class.
*Exceptions: Students who enroll in the school after the initial testing or upperclassmen who enter the P.E. classroom at semester are assessed during the mass testing that occurs during the Spring semester (February and March).
If a student is physically unable to complete a test due to a long term injury or illness that will not be resolved prior to April 1st, a doctor must submit an official notice to the school. Specific documentation is required by the state of Texas to excuse the student from testing. The notice must state that the student may not participate in "the FitnessGram assessment" before (date of release or next evaluation). If it is just a certain portion of the test, that should be noted as well and we will test the student in all other components.
Accepted: "John Doe is under my care and may not participate in theFitnessGram assessment prior to April 16, 2010."
Not Accepted: "John Doe may not participate in physical activities before April 16th, 2010." 
Accepted: "Jane Smith is under my care and may not participate in any activities involving running for the FitnessGram assessment prior toMay 1st, 2010."
Not Accepted: "Jane Smith may not participate in running until her next appointment in 3 weeks."
If your student is ill and not feeling well immediately prior to the test and you would like for him/her to sit out and be allowed a few extra days to recover, a simple parent note will be fine and we will arrange a make-up date in the following few days. Doctor notes are only needed for long-term conditions.
If you should have any questions or need further information or clarification, please feel free to contact your student's teacher. We understand as well that doctor notes can sometimes take a day or two to retrieve. If you will not have it prior to the test date, please let us know.