Advancement Via Individual Determination

It is an ELA elective choice for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Students must be recommended  and then complete the interview process in order to be admitted into the program. 

AVID prepares students in college and career ready skills.
We focus on the qualities of GCISD's Portrait of a Graduate:
Skilled Problem Solver, Collaborative Worker, Self-regulated Learner,
Global Citizen, and Effective Communicator 
Who is in AVID at CTMS?
- students who are individually determined to be successful and grow, 
  both academically and in character
- students that want to learn and maintain organization
- students that want to learn to set better goals and work to achieve them
- students that want to be in a community that pushes them to achieve and be successful by learning skills to use in core/higher level classes
- students that span all different types of learning styles and levels of classes, including accelerated 

 What are AVID student expectations?
- Maintain at least a "C" average in scholarship and citizenship
- Be prepared for every class
- Enroll in college preparatory classes
- Have a goal to enroll in a 4-year university or some form of higher education

What happens in the AVID class?
Throughout the school week students will participate in Socratic/Peer led tutorials, the AVID Curriculum
  (goal setting, organization, public speaking, college and career research/education) and other activities like 
Team-Building, Guest Speakers and Group Projects.