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**Basketball and Cross Country
Parent Meeting Slideshow (Nov 10, 2022)


CTMS Girls Basketball Tryouts 

    8th Grade:  Nov. 7-9 until 4:45

1. Around 22 athletes will be selected to make up the two teams at 8th-grade level. We expect many athletes to try out. Unfortunately, this means that many girls will not make the team.

2. We will reduce numbers after the first day of try-outs.  Those dismissed after the first day will report to off-season the next day of school.  

3. At the end of the second day of try-outs, another round of cuts will be made.  After the 3rd day of tryouts, the final cuts will be made

4. Specific points to be evaluated include:

        1.     Dribbling w/o looking at the ball
        2.     Basic shooting, passing, receiving
        3.     Hustle
        4.     Ability to work together with a team   

We do not accept anything less than an athlete’s best at all times, therefore, undisciplined work ethic, selfish play, or behavioral problems are not permitted at any time in our program.  Girls who have consistently shown these tendencies throughout the school year, whether it was in off-season, volleyball, or other classes, may have that factored into their evaluation. Unfortunately, every year, some of the best players do not make the team due to these reasons.

5. Keep in mind that this is an evaluation/observation process. Specific coaching will be minimal. We are concerned with a current evaluation of skills and especially potential, keeping in mind all of the previous points.

6. Parents are not permitted to observe the tryout process. It proves to be a distraction for both athletes and coaches.

7. If as an athlete or parent you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Coach Heather Ware at (817) 251-5329, or through GCISD email. We are here to provide the best opportunity for all athletes, and we will give everyone an equal opportunity.

Good luck to all those who are taking the opportunity to try out.  We look forward to having a very successful year and to continuing a successful basketball program here at CTMS!  We can’t wait to see all of your skills on the court!

Click on the link -----> Extracurricular Activities Consent to Alternate Travel.pdf