Classroom Procedures and Policies

Basic Classroom Rules
1. Be kind: We are all members of the same classroom community, and as history shows us, it is in everyone’s best interest to work together well. Be kind to one another and to yourselves.

2. Be scholarly: You are charged with doing the work of historians, politicians, diplomats, orators, and authors. Take your work seriously, and do it well.

3. Grow: We are all here to learn. Challenge yourself. Take academic risks. Be passionate and proud of the work you do, realizing that great gains come from mistakes as well as successes. Be willing to give constructive criticism, and accept it from others. 

4. Contribute: We all learn more and grow more when we are part of a collaborative community that allows us to safely express our thoughts and have them challenged or affirmed. Be an active part of that process.

Procedural Directions
1. If you need to go to the bathroom, take the pass and go. If someone else is using the pass, wait. If it’s an emergency and you can’t wait, let me know.

2. Feel free to drink water in class. Hydration is important. 

3. Snacks may be consumed as long they aren't distracting. Clean them up when you are done.  

4. Have earbuds with you every day so you can watch videos for class or listen to music while you work independently without disturbing others.

5. Our class spans two class periods. I will give you a break every day. It may not be when the bell rings between the two class periods, though. If we are in the middle of something important, we aren’t going to stop just because the bell rings. 

6. If you are doing anything that distracts you or your classmates from learning, I will deal with it in whatever way seems logical  to remedy the problem.

7. Most problems can be solved by us together. Let me know if you are having a problem or need something, and I will do my best to help you alleviate it.

Work and Grading
1. All work that can be done  via Google Classroom will be done via Google Classroom. Be sure you are logging into it regularly and keeping track of your assignments.

2. Late work will be accepted without penalty UNTIL a grade needs to be reported to the school and your parents. At that time, grades will become final and missing work will permanently be a 0. That means you need to make sure that your work is turned in before each progress report and report card is issued. (Please keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that I don’t care if your work is late. I do. You must fill out a missing work form anytime you miss a due date. This form will require you to outline a plan for completing the work and will generate an automatic email to your parents so they can help you. If turning in work late becomes a habit, we will experiment with ways to help you find a remedy for the problem.) 

3. Assignments will be weighted as follows:
           Formative Work 60% 
           Summative Work 40% (includes writing assignments, projects, and presentations)