Student ID Information
As we continue to refine our safety and security procedures across the district, there is a change going into effect that will impact all middle and high school students. Beginning this school year, students will be expected to wear their student ID badge above their waist during the school day. A few items to highlight:

CTMS students will receive their ID badges, a lanyard, and a plastic holder the week of October 29.

If a student forgets their ID badge but knows where it is, they can receive a temporary ID for one day. This badge will be worn that day and returned 7th period to the front office. (If a student appears multiple days (3 days) without their badge, it will be documented as lost and they will be asked to purchase a new one (prices for badges, lanyards, and protectors are below.)

Students not wearing their ID badge visibly during the school day will be subject to discipline under the Student Code of Conduct.

Replacement Costs:

$1 - Plastic Holder

$2 - New Wolf Lanyard

$5 - New ID Badge